Research Infrastructure

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Research Infrastructure

Research infrastructure and subdomains

Note 1. Candidates are advised to contact their PhD supervisor before enrolling in the doctoral program.

Note 2. Candidates will have access to the existing infrastructure and facilities in the Faculty of Chemistry as well the partner institutions


Infrastructure of Chemistry Faculty


The Faculty of Chemistry has a large infrastructure consisting of (i) instruments of general use such as X-ray difraction spectrometer, 500 MHz NMR- spectrometer (see also; (ii) instruments in each group of research (like spectrofluorimeter in Biochemistry Group); (iii) access to instruments of Physics Faculty, Biology Faculty, Petru Poni Institute, etc., due to collaborative work. All these instruments can be used to make doctoral research.


Some instruments currently used within the Chemistry Faculty are: ContrAA700 atomic absorption spectrophotometer (from Analytic Jena), Perkin Elmer atomic absorption spectrophotometer 3300; 500 MHz NMR spectrometer from Bruker, Germany, Trace Lab 50; Shimadzu GC-MS spectrometer GS 2010 MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer Finnigan MAT LASERMAT 2000GTI, Jasco spectrophotometer FT-IR-660, Scimitar Series spectrophotometer, UVIKON 933 - KONTRON double beam UV/VIS spectrophotometer; Multi N/C® 3100 series Analyzer (from Analytic Jena), VCD-FTIR Spectrometer (from Biotools), Proton Transfer Mass Spectrometer type PTR-MS-TOF (from Kore), Microscop Quanta 250 SEM Microscope with WetSTEM detector, SUPERNOVA250 X-ray Difractometer for monocrystals with dual source, LC-DAD-FL LC-MS Liquid Chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometer (from Agilent Technologies), LC-ICP-MS Liquid Chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometer (from Agilent Technologies) with fluorescence detector, G3281A Liquid Chromatograph coupled with ICP-mass spectrometer (from Agilent Technologies), FLS-920s Spectrofluorimeter (from Edinburg Instruments), Capillary electrophoresis Beckman P/ACE System 5500 apparatus Consort E752 gel electrophoresis, BiotecFischer, UV/Vis Cintra 10e, 190-1200 nm, Agilent 1100 Series liquid chromatograph; SMF25 Spectrofluorimeter-KONTRON for measuring fluorescent-HiLoadTMPumpP-50 FPLC GradiFrac, HPLC-KONTRON INSTRUMENTS (2 HPLC pump 440, detector array 440), MICROTERM-1206, Tecnai G2 Spirit SEM Microscope, BioTWIN,. Portable Fluorimeter for chlorophyll, HPR60 MASS Spectrometer with EQP 1000 for charged or neutral particle analysis (from Hiden Analytical, UK), G3281A ICP-MS mass spectrometer, (from Agilent Technologies-product of 2012), Laser LSX 266 Ablation System (from CETAC Technologies - made in 2012). Upright autoclave Raypas 75 L, ABBE AR4 Refract meter, pH/mV/ION-metre with accessories Inolab WTW 740, Etuve ULM 400 Memmert, Incubator ICP 400 Memmert, Automated aeration incubator Microbiotest for ecotoxicological tests, GPS Garmin, Magnetic Stirrer Arex Nahita, Research Trinocular Microscope Nikon, Trinocular Microscope Optika, Stereomicroscope with optical zoom equiped with Photo camera Nikon, Stereomicroscope with phototube SZM2 Optik, Digital thermo hygrometer EBRO, Laboratory Homogenizer Heidolph, Climate chamber with illumination KBW 400, UV bactericidal system, Glass washing machine G7883CD with accesories Miele, UniEquip lyophilizator UNICRYO MIC 4 L model Planegg, Centrifuge with cooling system Hettich Mikro 22 R, Laminar air flow chamber Faster KBN, Electronic portable balance Partener Corporation, No frost freezer Arctic. Binocular microscope OPTECH, model B3B;



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