General presentation of the contest

Last update: 02/06/2013, 13:15:50 (by Angela Vatr?).
The contest of chemistry MAGDA PETROVANU aims to discover and promote the schoolchildren inclined to study chemistry, being organized for the secondary cycle and high school children from Iasi and neighboring counties.


  1. The contest is organized at Al. I. Cuza university of Iasi, Faculty of Chemistry, Carol I Bvd. no. 11 (main building). The 2013 edition of the contest took place on April 20 2013, starting at 10.30.

  2. There are no registration or participation fees.

  3. The contest consists of a written multiple choice test based on the recommended literature references, with a duration of 1hours (for the secondary cycle) and 2 hours (for high school children).

  4. The candidates can see example tests on the web page of the contest.

  5. For the candidates from 12th class, the grade obtained at this contest can be used instead of the admission grade for the next academic year.

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