Short history

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  • November 25, 1864 - In the Faculty of Science, was founded the Chair of Physics and Chemistry, led by professor ┼×tefan Micle.
  • 1878University, main building - Chair of Physics and Chemistry divided into the Chair of Physics, led by professor ┼×tefan Micle, and Chair of Chemistry, led by the famous scientist Petru Poni, considered as the founder of the university teaching of Chemistry in Romania.
  • 1882 - Petru Poni founded the first laboratory of chemistry in the University of Iasi
  • 1892 - Was founded the Chair of Organic Chemistry, led by professor Anastasie Obregia, and the Chair of Chemistry, led by Petru Poni, became the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry.
  • 1906 - Was founded the Chair of Agricultural Chemistry, led by professor Haralamb Vasiliu.
  • 1912 - At the Faculty of Science of the University are created the sections of Industrial Chemistry and Agricultural Chemistry.
  • 1913 - Was founded the chair of Physical and Analytical Chemistry, under the supervision of the scientist Petru Bogdan.
  • 1921 - Physical Chemistry Department has acquired an independent status, becoming the first Department of profile in the country. By creating the three departments - Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry - was perfected the structure of a modern Faculty of Chemistry.
  • 1948 - Faculty of Chemistry became independent.
  • 1974 - Faculty of Chemistry merged forcedly with the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry, creating the Faculty of Chemical Technology in the Politechnical Institute of Iasi.
  • 1990 - Faculty of Chemistry returned to Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi.