Environmental analitycal chemistry

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Research group


Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Research team
1.    Prof. Romeo Iulian OLARIU, PhD
2.    Prof. Cecilia ARSENE, PhD, habil.
3.    Senior Res. III. Iustinian-Gabriel BEJAN, PhD
4.    Univ. Lect. Simona CUCU-MAN, PhD
5.    Univ. Lect. Rodica BUHACEANU, PhD
6.    Assoc. Prof. Adrian BARZU, PhD
7.    PhD. Student Georgiana NEGRU
8.    PhD. Student Georgiana MARDARE-BĂLUŞESCU
9.    Master Student Gabriela PETREA-IONEASA
10.    Master Student Mihaela PETREA-IONEASA
11.    Master Student Georgiana-Alina ABABEI
12.    Master Student Ana-Maria RUSU
13.    Master Student Laurenţiu-Valentin ŞOROAGĂ
14.    Master Student Sebastian-Laurenţiu MARIN

Team coordinator for laboratory investigations (photochemical processes under controlled conditions, etc.)
Prof. Romeo Iulian OLARIU, PhD
Contact detail
E-mail: oromeo@uaic.ro
Phone: +40-232-201354+40-232-201354
Laboratory of Instrumental Analysis and Analytical Chemistry (LAICA)

Team coordinator for field measurements (aerosols, volatile organic compounds, etc.)
Prof. Cecilia ARSENE, PhD., habil.
Contact detail
E-mail: carsene@uaic.ro
Phone: +40-232-201354+40-232-201354
Laboratory of Instrumental Analysis and Analytical Chemistry (LAICA)





Research interest
  1. Photochemical processes, reactivity and kinetic investigations for selected organic compounds in the gas and liquid phase.
  2. Chemical composition and structural characterization of inorganic and organic aerosols.
  3. Chemistry of atmospheric aerosols and their effects on human health and climate.
  4. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) impact on the tropospheric chemistry.
  5. Research on the effects induced by anthropogenic influences on the oxidation capacity of the atmosphere.
  6. Development of new identification, separation, concentration and determination methods for various pollutants from the environment.
  7. Development of new technologies for pollutants sinks.
  8. Compounds with toxic potential on the human health.
  9. Evaluation of the human exposure pathways to persistent organic contaminants.
  10. Evaluation of the relationship between human exposure degree to organic pollutants and their metabolism.
  11. Biomonitorization and bioremediation.



Research contracts


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