Materials chemistry

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Research group

Materials Chemistry




Professor  Aurelia Vasile

Tel: +40 232 201314+40 232 201314

Fax: + 40 232 201313


 Areas of research

- Nano - and biomaterials: synthesis, characterization and use in photocatalysis / environmental protection.

- Oxidic nanoporous, ordered materials for use in adsorption (photo)catalysis, sensors and ionic exchange.

- Mesoporous carbon materials: synthesis, characterization and applications;

- Mesoporous silica nanocomposites as drug delivery systems;

-Innovative topical formulations for skin-directed therapy of Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma.



Spectrophotometer UV-VIS, Schimadzu UV-24101PC, equipped with diffuse reflectance accessories for solid and liquid analysis;

Quantachrome NOVA 2200e Instrument & Pore Size Surface Area Analyzer;

Spectrometer AAS model ContrAA 300, Analytikjena;

TOC analysis device Analytikjena;

Sonics Vibra cell ultrasonic device CV33 (High Intensity ultrasonic liquid Processors);

UV-VIS device for liquid SPECTRO SC (Single Beam Spectrophotometer);

Calcination oven (up to 1100);

Pyrolisis oven with controlled atmosphere;

Photocatalysis reactor (UV and visibil );

Water purificator PureLab Option, ELGA;

Drying stove with controlled atmosphere, LabTech;

Ultratermostating Device with stirring Heidolph MR Standard up to 300 °C, 1400 rpm;

Centrifuge working up to 4000 rpm;

Analytical balance.




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