Coordinative compounds and inorganic materials

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Coordination chemistry and inorganic materials


Acronym: CCMA



 Prof. Aurel Pui PhD



Tel: +40 232  201276

Fax: + 40 232 201276




Prof.  Aurel Pui PhD

Prof.  Doina Humelnicu PhD

Assoc. Prof. Danut-Gabriel Cozma PhD

Assoc. Prof. Nicoleta Cornei PhD

PhD Oleg Palamarciuc

PhD Elena Stratulat

PhD Daniel Gherca

PhD Roxana Amarandi

PhD Constantin Virlan

PhD Radu Ciocarlan


Research fields

1. Synthesis and characterization of coordination compounds;

2. Study of catalytic and antimicrobial activity of coordination compounds;

3. Synthesis of nanoparticles.

4. Multifunctional magnetic materials;

5. Application of nanoparticles



FT IR Jasco 660 plus Spectrophotometer

Cintra 101 (190-1100 nm) Spectrophotometer;



Magnetical stirres with heating.

Analitical balance;


Web page:



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