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Acta Chemica Vol 19 No 1 2011

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 ACTA CHEMICA IAŞI, VOL. 19 No. 1 2011

Online Issue


  1. Steluţa Gosav and Rodica Dinică - GC/MS and GC/FTIR as Powerful Tools for Identifying Bioactive Compounds
  2. Maria Ignat, Laurentia M. Revenco, Adina R. Pascaru and -Eveline Popovici - Functionalized Zeolitic Materials with Photocatalytic Properties
  3. Danut G. Cozma, Daniela Iftode and Gina L. Hriscu - Influence of the Residence and Disturbance (School Violence) on the Study of Chemistry at Secondary Level
  4. Danut G. Cozma, Elena L. Sandu and Alexandra N. Puiu - Factor Analysis in Studies on Perception Difficulty of Options Chemistry Course Contents


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