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Acta Chemica vol 27 No 1 2019

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ACTA CHEMICA IAŞI, VOL. 27 No. 1 2019 


Online Issue


1. Nisar Fatima, Akhlaq Ahmad Bhatti, Akbar Ali, Wei Gao - Zagreb connection indices of two dendrimer nanostars
2. Rageh K. Hussein, Ibrahim I. Bashter, Mohamed El-Okr and Medhat Ahmed Ibrahim - DFT investigation of structural and electronic properties of modified PZT
3. Sourav Mondal, Nilanjan De and Anita Pal - Onsome new neighbourhood degree based indices
4. Ahmed I. Hassan - Utility of N-bromosuccinimide as a green chemical reagent for determination of H2-receptor antagonists in their pharmaceutical dosage forms
5. Ihor O. Pokotylo, Pavlo V. Zadorozhnii , Vadym V. Kiselev, Oxana V. Okhtina, Aleksandr V. Kharchenko - Some new heterocyclisations based on N-(2,2-dichloro-1-isothiocyanatoethyl) benzamide derivatives
6. Ravikumar Kolekar, Suresh Baburao Kapatkar, Shridhar Narasinhmurthy Mathad - Synthesis and characterization of Co0.8-x Nix Zn0.2 Fe2O4 ferrites by Williamson-Hall and size-strain plot methods
7. Mahdi Asgari, Hasan Motaghi, Hossein Khanahmad, Masoud A. Mehrgardi, Amin Farzadniya and Parvaneh Shokrani - Preparation and characterization of SPION-CDs as a multifunctional fluorescence/magnetic resonance nanoparticle
8. Tevfik Agacayak and Hasan Ali Taner - Application of the shrinking‐core models for determination of dissolution kinetics of Mn and Zn from spent zinc-carbon battery powder in organic acid solution
9. Hetal I. Doctor, Sanman K. Samovaa and Ramtej J. Verma - Diethanolamine-induced hepatic steatosis in mice and its amelioration by curcumin
10. Mioara Drobota, Alexandru Trandabat and Marius Pislaru - Surface modification of poly(ethylene terephthalate) in air plasma



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