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Acta Chemica Vol 17 No 1 2009

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  1. Iuliean V. Asaftei, Nicolae Bilba, Lucian M. Birsa and Gheoghe Iofcea - Aromatization of industrial feedstock mainly with butanes and butenes over HZSM-5 and Zn/HZSM-5 catalysts
  2. Mirela Goanta, Anca S. Ciobanua, Aurora Birsa, Iuliean V. Asaftei and  Lucian M. Birsa - Synthesis of 4-(3-Bromo-2-Hydroxy-5-Methylphenyl)-2-Dialkylamino-1,3-Dithiolium Chlorides
  3. Ioana Aurelia Gorodea, Flori Gina Brezeanu, Smail Triki, Karin Popa, Alexandra Raluca Iordan, Mircea Nicolae Palamaru, Aurelia Simion - Contributions in Synthesis and Characterisation of the Double Perovskites Oxides in Sr2Ni1-xMnxWO6 Series
  4. Mirela Goanta, Alina Astefanei and Danut G. Cozma - The Importance of Meteo Factors in Greenhouse Gases Emissions
  5. Stefan Chisca, Adrian I. Borhan and Popa Karin - Radioactive Waste Treatment and Disposal: Phosphates for Actinides Conditioning
  6. Elena M. Filip, Ionel V. Humelnicu  and Constantin I. Ghirvu - Some Aspects of 8-hydroxyquinoline in Solvents
  7. Ioan Sarghie and Laura Bulgariu - Kinetics of Nickel Extraction with 8-Hydroxyquinoline in Carbon Tetrachloride
  8. Alin C. Dirtu - Analytical Aspects for Determination of Polybrominated  Diphenyl Ethers in Environmental Samples


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