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Acta Chemica vol 26 No 2 2018

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ACTA CHEMICA IAŞI, VOL. 26 No. 2 2018 

Online Issue


10.   Lucian M. Birsa - 2-n,n-dialkylamino-1,3-dithiolium salts.

11.  Saba Manzoor, Nisar Fatima, Akhlaq Ahmad Bhatti, Akbar Ali - Zagreb connection indices of some nanostructures.

12.  Gul E Mehak and Akhlaq Ahmad Bhatti - Forgotten topological index of line graphs of some chemical structures in drugs.

13.  Kinjal K. Kubavat, Sanman Samova, Hetal Doctor, Gaurang M. Sindhav and Ramtej J. Verma - Hepatoprotective effect of quercetin on bisphenol a-induced toxicity.

14.   Anda M. Craciun - Cinnamyl-imine-chitosan hydrogels. morphology control.

15.  Hieu Quang Tran, Hien Cao Nguyen, Thin Van Nguyen, Thanh Thi Nguyen, Toan Ngoc Vo and Cong Tien Nguyen - Synthesis and evaluation of cytotoxic activity on MCF-7 cell line of some diesters derived from 5-(hydroxybenzylidene)thiazolidine-2,4-diones.

16.  Ravi C. Bharamagoudar, Anil S. Patil, Shridhar N. Mathad , Vijay M. Kumbar, Laxmi B. Kankanawadi- Magnetic and antibacterial studies of nanoferrites prepared by self propagating high-temperature synthesis route .

17. Diana Carmen Mirila, Mădălina-Ștefania Pîrvan, Nicoleta Platon, Ana-Maria Georgescu, Valentin Zichil, Ileana Denisa Nistor - Total mineralization of malachite green dye by advanced oxidation processes.

18. Mahmoud Belalia, Meriem Bendjelloul, Abdallah Aziz and El Hadj Elandaloussi - Surface modification of olive stone waste for enhanced sorption properties of cadmium and lead ions.

19. Hesna Nursevin Öztop, Fatma Banu Çatmaz, Dursun Saraydin - The properties of immobilized invertase onto a new support material; Poly(methacryiamide/ maleic acid) copolymeric hydrogel.

20.  Faik Tugut, Mehmet Turgut, Dursun Saraydin - Influence of concentratıons of methacrylate and acrylate monomers on the propertıes of fıber reınforced polymethyl methacrylate denture base materıals.

21.    Lucian G. Bahrin - Synthesis of 4-(2-hydroxyaryl)-5-methyl-1,3-dithiol-2-thiones.

22.   Dănuț G. Cozma - Abstracts for “The XLVIIth National Scientific-Methodological Session «Educational Methods and Means for Chemistry», Iasi, Romania“, Iasi, Romania.

23.    Carmen Mîță - Abstracts for “The 9th Scientific Session of Undergraduate”, Master and PhD Students, Iasi, Romania.




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